A Good Conundrum to Have

I’m currently faced with an issue that many before me have been faced with. The “how to make money doing something you love” conundrum.

I’ve been doing a small project lately. Maybe you’ve heard of All Cameras On. I’ve head great response to the concept and keep having more and more artists ask me if I’d be interested in doing an event with them. Of course, up and coming musicians don’t have a lot of money and need to focus on getting their music out to more people. Of course, I don’t have a lot of money and need to focus on keeping a roof over my family’s head and food in their tummies (not to mention keeping up with all the medical expenses that come from having a daughter with diabetes).

So, how do I find people that will help with the ongoing costs of this project without taking money away from the musicians that I want to serve? I don’t have the answer to this, but am working on it. I’d love to hear some of your ideas.