Come Ye Weary, Heavy Laden, Lost & Ruined by The Fall

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Just like my biological family, the family I choose to be part of is quite messy.

In the last few weeks there have been numerous people (some might say a great cloud of witnesses) coming forward seeking and expressing reconciliation and true repentance from Mars Hill and, specifically, Mark Driscoll.

I was part of that family for 10 years. I spent almost 2 years working for free for them before being hired on full time to fix computers. While I was the equivalent of a worker bee, there was stuff going on around me all the time that I was too afraid to do or say anything about. The 2007 firings of Bent and Paul almost lost me a really close friend. I was afraid of losing my job. I didn’t trust God that if I took a stand, he would take care of my family. For my silence I am sorry.

“If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.” (Leviticus 5:1)

In all that, I still hold a lot of people attending or on staff at Mars Hill close.

So, I want to open up the comments here for anyone still at Mars Hill to talk. It’s anonymous to the public, so there’s no reason to worry about anything.

Let me know how you’re feeling; are you sad, worried, scared, defensive? Are you hopeful for the future, good or bad memories of the past? Why? I have no other agenda besides just giving people the chance to be open and honest about how they’re coping with a what’s being said about our family.

I do want to open it to anyone outside as well, especially those that have left the church altogether. What do you think about all that’s being said.

Lastly, I want to keep this civil. So if you are feeling defensive, that’s alright, just be careful with your words and tone.

**If you have a negative comment, please be sure to give the benefit of the doubt on motive or tone to the blog author or readers who comment.

Anonymous comments are welcomed ONLY if you need a safe place to be honest about a burden or concern that you don’t feel free to share with your name. Anonymous critical comments will be deleted immediately. If you need to respond critically, please use your name.**

(I borrowed that comment policy from my friend Jen who borrowed it from her friend Wendy.)