I'm Asking For Money

It feels like if I’m going to ask you for money I need to do it face to face, over a beer (or a few, since we need so much).

But with inventions like morse code and the Internets, it has become easier to do without that contact. 

It is also easier to ask for money while fending people off with humor. This is the third paragraph and it’s the first without a joke. Monkey.

We are $8,000 behind on our mortgage, we’ve talked with the bank. If you want to read how a 6-8 week process with Bank of America has taken 6 months I've written that up for you here.

Through some wonderful friends, and the coordination of my sister, we’re 30% of the way to raising the full amount.

Some friends have also criticized me for not making this more of a public plea than I have.

With that in mind; if you’re interested in helping out or following along with what’s going on, these are the various links;

Facebook Group

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me any way you see fit. There’s a good chance that others have the same question, so posting them here will be a good way to keep them in one place (or Facebook, I really don’t care).