I'm Deactivating My Facebook Account and Turning Off Twitter

For the past month or so I’ve felt a desire that, until last night, I have been blind to.

The desire to do more with my time.

To be able to focus on what is in front of me, be it work or family or friends.

I have, with varying degrees, neglected all of those.

It’s no surprise that when I completely shut everything off—Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.—I am more productive at my work. Yet, it is hard for me to do that.

In the evenings I find myself checking my phone every few minutes to see if someone has said something to me somewhere. Completely putting others I hardly know above my own family.

Instead of using technology as a supplement to connecting with friends, I have let it worm its way in as a replacement.

For those reasons at 5pm PST on 01/20/12 I am closing things down for at least a month. I am deactivating my Facebook account and possibly my Twitter account (not sure on that last one, since this is temporary and Facebook allows you to reactivate whereas I’m not sure if Twitter does).

Heidi and I have agreed to turn all computers off when I’m home from work. That includes things like Netflix. Hold us to these things.

Our plan is to get out and do stuff. Or, stay in and read a book or talk, you know, with voices.

I want to write a little more. Take more photos. Play with my kids and give them my full attention.

I don’t mean to post this as someone standing on the street corner trying to get attention.

There are a couple of reasons I am posting this.

First, as a way to publicly apologize to those of you that I have neglected in real life.

Second, to let you know that I want to have coffee, dinner, lunch, beers, go for a walk, play a board game, eat some Thai food with those of you that are interested.

If you are an interested party, you can call, text, IM or email me.

I really do want to get to know you in person, so don’t be shy.

My email is my IM. And my phone number is 206.902.7294.

Like I said, this isn’t a rash decision to go completely off the grid. I just plan on taking at least a month to reorient myself.