Is the Perfect Social Networking Web App Out There?

I just got a new computer. And man it’s small. This is the way I want it. What I’ve been doing most of the day is finding all the web apps I can to replace what have traditionally been client side programs.

I am realizing that some the features of a desktop program that I use regularly are hard to find in a web based application (naturally). The one that I’m really looking for is a replacement for Twitter and Facebook. I’m looking for a program that has the following;

  • Support for both Twitter and Facebook
  • Facebook Pages
  • Multiple Twitter accounts
  • API key (so I can use
  • Chrome notifications
  • Keyboard shortcuts (example; ⌃+⌥+⌘+t would open a new update box no matter what program is in front)

So, my question to you, is this website out there? Can you even do global keyboard shortcuts in a web app? Or is this just a pipe dream?

(Second question; what’re the keyboard sequence to actually type the Apple control, option, or command characters? Found the unicode for them, still don’t know how to type them, though.)