Music Reconstruction

In a lot of post-apocalyptic stories the hero lives in a small community that have somehow survived a major collapse of society and are now returning to more artisan endeavours; farming, baking, selling handmade goods, making house calls as the only medically trained professional in the village. Everyone knows one another, works together, trades their goods for services. Everyone is rebuilding what once was a great, beautiful city the best they can. Things aren’t as easy as they once were, but somehow they get by. If the story is told well, the reader will look at that existence and feel a desire to move into that hamlet and throw away all their technology and start creating.

Recently I heard someone state that Seattle was post-music. I didn’t see how this could be true with so many great bands growing out of the soil that has been made by bands from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sunny Day Real Estate, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Sir Mix-A-Lot and many others that I’m sure you’ll tell me I forgot.

After Friday night’s BARE II concert at the Fremont Abbey, where musicians put down their guitars and picked up their greatest instrument, their voices, I have changed my opinion. I watched artist after artist stand on stage with nothing in front of them save for 250 sets of eyes and ears glued to their every movement and word. There was nothing to hide behind, all their humanity came out in beautiful A capella. Now I see it, Seattle is post-music. And these artists are reconstructing music from the ground up. These were people who might have made it big, or still might. But, for one night, it didn’t matter. They just sang because that was how they can help rebuild society.

Part of me wants to keep it sacred. Keep it there, in the Abbey. Not let it be spread around. Another part of me, the long-time music enthusiast, wants to share it far and wide. So, I will say, that if you’d rather just wait until the next time this happens, don’t follow any link. If you’d like to hear for yourself what a handheld recording device can capture to just get the gist of it, head over to Sound on the Sound and watch some videos.