The Last Year (or What Bank of America Does to Foreclose on Their Customers)

UPDATE: There has been much going on since I wrote this post; from cars being donated to the bank actually stepping up to get things moving. 

Let’s start at the beginning and make this short.

Almost 1 year ago I got laid off from my job. I started doing some freelance work doing anything I could.

That turned into an almost full time job doing video with a great friend, Bryan Zug, under the moniker of Bootstrapper Studios.

But, being a start-up means having to make sacrifices. Like having a completely steady and forecastable income. 

In June Heidi and I looked at our budget and noticed that we had 3 months before things were going to get ugly.

That’s when I called Bank of America to tell them that when September rolled around we wouldn’t be able to pay our mortgage. And to ask if they had some kind of process that we could start to help us out.

They did.

It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks.

It’s been 6 months.

In that time we’ve been through 4 different people that were supposed to be our primary contact, who failed to answer their phone 9 out of 10 times, told us they’d call us back in 24 hours and didn’t, told us they’d send us paper work to fill out and didn’t, lost everything we did send in or failed to tell us about any number of documents they needed to have things in order.

Because of their incompetence we’ve had to start over 4 times now. Been told there’s nothing they can do for the last person’s mistakes 4 times now. Been told it’s not going to take that much longer 4 times now.

And, now that we’re 4 months behind on payments, they have sent us a letter of intent to foreclose. But they don’t have, or won’t give us a timeline at this point.

But, as soon as we get the documents in, then they can postpone the foreclosure. That is unless we get a new primary contact that wants us to send in more or different documents or start all over again.

Pardon me, I’m going to pour myself some scotch.

It seems I’ve had too much faith in the process. More, in fact, than my friends and family who have begun to reenact the final scene from It’s A Wonderful Life in hopes that they’ll be able to save our house.

I really don’t know what Heidi and I have done to deserve such amazing people in our lives nor how we can ever express enough gratitude. All we can do is say thank you to everyone that is praying, pitching in or anything at all.

Merry Christmas
Adam, Heidi & all the girls (who didn’t do much typing here, but they still wish you a Merry Christmas)

That wasn’t very quick.

Also, if you want to know how to help, contact my sister Steph (or you can try sending to her Facebook email).