What's the Difference Between a Home Page and a Blog?

I like well designed websites. I like the shiny, crazy things people do with design. But, I tend to always look for who’s behind it first. Not an About page, but a blog. Something that shows that the people behind the service have thoughts and feelings, that they are, in fact, people. They like things, they think something about something. They don’t like other things. They drive this kind of car. They listen to this kind of music. They go to Starbucks a lot. There’s a pulse. A story.

If you’ve got a product or service and want a creative site, why would you not put your blog on your home page? I mean, it doesn’t need to be the first thing. If you want, go all traditional in that “above the fold” section. But, I propose that it makes a lot of sense to tell people more about who you are right away than it does to go on and on about what you do.

As a customer, I like hearing your story. I like knowing that you are a person with all that stuff I listed above. Tell me who you are. 

As a business, you’ve no doubt heard plenty of talk about the idea that being more personal will increase your conversion rate. Hell, Starbucks tried to do that this last Christmas by giving their drinks personality (even though it felt contrived).

So, why not? Tell your story where your vistors land. Right there on your home page (and stop having to use the word blog).